Alero Adventures

So get this shit. Wednesday night I work late on this big project. The snow was pretty bad outside, nothing insane, but it made driving a very long process, people driving 30kmh and what not. Motel offered me his place to crash at if i wanted to, which was cool. I just really needed to go home after a long ass day of work. So 9:30 rolls around and we decide its time to call it a day. I drive Kyle to his house, and then Amy to hers. She also offered me a place to sleep if I didnt wanna drive all the way to Guelph in this shit. Again, stubbornly, I said I need to go home. I get kinda anal in the morning if I am not in my own shower.

I pop by Mom and Dads to grab some shit, and Mom insists that I sleep there. I realize the TV is not set up in the basement due to carpet being installed, and I left my laptop at work, so I had no form of entertainment. I had to tell her I am just gonna go home.

I drive home and it was pretty ok save for the standard snow drifts on the 7. I get to my street, and turn left. This is where it gets interesting. I see some dude walking on the sidewalk, and as I pass him I see his hands fly up, and scream something at me. I turn down my radio and park my car into my parking spot. I look back and see him change directions towards me. At this point I am thinking "this cant be good." I turn my head to turn off the interiors so I can see out better. I look at my rearview and see him crossing the street towards my car. Right in the middle of the street he falls on the ice. Feet went flying up over his head and everything. "Shit!" I think as he gets up and pissed off. I power lock all of my doors and 4 seconds later he is beside me trying to open the door. I sit there in shock. He realizes it is locked and starts banging hard on my window. He screams out "GET OUT YOU FUCK!!!!!" Again, I sat there in shock. Didnt know what to do. Before I could even decide to take off, he walked away from my car. I looked out my window and waited a good 3 minutes to make sure he was gone. I ran into my house, in hopes he wasn't waiting for me.

I was shakin up for a while, and kept looking out my window. Just as I looked a car pulls up at the house across my window. A little panic set in as I saw a girl get out of her car with a shovel. I start thinking "If she fuckin starts to shovel I am gonna run out there and tell her to get inside." Thankfully she didn't shovel and went right in.

Part 2 of my Alero Adventure.

Thursday night, same shit, lots of snow. I had to drive home Kyle, Amy, and this time Motel cuz his truck cant really handle the snow. The snow was bad enough that I decided to stay in town, and in doing so we all decided to get hammered. I went to my parents for dinner, and then went to pick up Amy, and Booze, and landed at Motels house. It was on this ride from my parents house that I realized my heater no longer works in my car. To say I was pissed is an understatement. It was beyond freezing outside, and seemed colder inside my car. Anyway, we get there, and booze hard. Once Kyle showed up we played SLAM, the greatest drinking game ever made. Went out to Bobby O and got more pops in us. Back at Motels by 3am. I wake up at 7 to go back to my parents for shower and what not. Again, heater doesnt work. I was hoping it would magically fix itself did not.

So I try to drive while shaking. To make matters worse my body heat would fog up every window in record time, and quickly turning to frost. To combat this I had to drive the whole time with a window down in an attempt to equalize the temperature on either side of the windshield. Believe it or not, the ONLY window not frozen shut was the drivers side window....awesome. Do the rounds of picking people up, etc. Long story short, 2 hour drive in below freezing tempuratures. I spent all day at work shivering and frozen. Tom was nice enough to drive me to the crash pad where he suggested I stand in a hot shower. I did that for a solid 15 minutes and watched as my entire body turned bright beat red. It was gross.

170 bucks later I have a new blower motor and heat again. Unreal.

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