Holiday Surprise: A Quick Recap

The last of my holidays were used up and it was a pretty good time, save for a pulled back. Tuesday night we here in KW got hit with an INSANE ice storm. Roads were a sheet of ice, which gave me a nam type flashback to our scary ice ride to Kentucky to see the mighty Pollard. I was driving Kyle home after work and a ride that usually takes 15 minutes, took just over an hour. Cars everywhere were sliding. I knew there was no way I could make it back to Guelph so I called Motel to find out if I could crash at his place. Turns out he was driving Amy home, and the roads were so bad that he had to pull over on some Waterloo side road and park for the night. I managed to get my car to Motels, and I braved the storm to walk to Ethyls. It took a good hour to walk there, HELLO SHIN SPLINTS!!!

Had a buncha drinks and ate tacos. Got a bottle of Rye, and had a good 3 quarters of it. Woke up and realized I had no intention in driving in this shit to go to Toronto. I wish I could have gone, but driving was the last thing I wanted to do.

Thursday was pretty insane. Met up with a buncha people at Roxannes around 3 or 4pm. Spent way too much money there, and herd 8 Leppard tunes. No exageration. After Roxxies, we made it to Starlight where we met up with EVERYONE. Tony and Adrian. Mikey Orso and his entire posse. Then Ash and Motel and Katie show up. Then Amy and Ben show up. It was fuckin insane. A good 30 people maybe. Things got a little crazy as the band poured Jager into peoples mouths. At one point the Cowbell dude came out with a chainsaw to cut up some christmas dolls or something (so I am told.) I got this crazy bloody finger (day after can be seen above). Adrian said they came out with a knife when the chainsaw got clogged. When I talked to Ash the next morning she said she woke up and found blood all over her shirt. I had to confess and apologize for what was probably a bloddy hug. She didnt care and was jackt. Rock.

It was an awesomely awesome time.

Next day we hit up a matinee of AVATAR. The most boring movie ever made. People walked out. I propositioned a game of Air Hockey to friends. I tried to fall asleep. Nothing. So boring. AVOID!!!

All in all a good time. Oh...I threw my back out saturday so I spent all day sunday in bed. Balls.

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