PineLake X-Mas Party

So We had our big office Christmas Party and holy man was it a blast! Fridge was beyond packed with booze and a ton of snacks. A good 30 people or so came, and once everyone got a couple drinks in them we took off to AliBabba for a steak dinner. Probably the best part was listening to a solid mix of Black Sabbath and Zepplin and Neil Young. I later found out this way my boss' doing. Nothing like slicing up a steak to the tune of Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.

We went back to the office around midnight or so and just began rocking out. There was a big 6 man xbox battle which was kinda cool to watch. However once I let everyone know that since its after midnight it is officially Kyles birthday. Shots of jager and whatever was left was all downed. He put on his iPod and at about 3:45am GBV's Bee Thousand came on. I wanted to cry. We drank and laughed and had confettii wars till about 5am when we called some cabs and called it a night. Amazing night.

We got back to Motels house about 5:30 this morning. We both slept untill 1 or so. We decided we needed pizza asap, so Motel put the call into Pizza Hut. 2 medium pizzas and an order of bread sticks. 50 bucks!!! Unreal. We ate and went back to sleep. Finally around 7pm we decide to go pick up our cars from work. It was here I realized I have NO IDEA where my keys are. I look everywhere. I decide I must have left it at work. We take a cab to work, and I see what looks like a bomb might have gone off in the main lobby. Turns out it was just the aftermath of an awesome time.

I look through my desk and office and everywhere else. Nothing. I call the cab company to see if anyone found a set of keys, she calls back and said they checked the car. Nothing.

Motel then drives me to my Mom and Dads place to get a spare key for my car. Since my key chain had my apartment keys I was kinda fucked so I was to sleep on their couch in the basement. I get a ride with motel BACK to work so I can get my car. I start driving home and he texts me "FOUND EM!"

Turns out they were on the friggen coffee table....under that 50 buck pizza.

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