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Jables: You say you love me and I hardly know your name
Dave Ambrad: Oh fuck
Jables: Is it just my sickly pride?
Jables: Its late
Jables: Its late
Jables: Its late
Jables: But not too late
Dave Ambrad: But not too late!!!!
Adj Orso: Christ.
Dave Ambrad: Fk
Jables: Sorry can't hear my bb message notifications. Queen on full blast
Dave Ambrad: Fk sakes johny you pump me up
Jables: Brian May solo pumps me up
Dave Ambrad: Fk the guitar tone in that song pumps me up
Jables: Fkn may
Dave Ambrad: May is insane
Jables: Overshadowed by freddy
Jables: That prick
Adj Orso: Just stop it.
Dave Ambrad: The guys is so good they named a month of the year after him
Jables: How bout those roger taylor cymbol grabs
Adj Orso: Queen self titled about to start.
Jables: Keeep yourself alive
Jables: On now
Jables: What an intro
Adj Orso: Then Queen II
Jables: Yup
Jables: Singit
Adj Orso: Then Sheer Heart Attack.
Adj Orso: Look the fuck out.
Jables: If I crossed a million rivers
Adj Orso: Guess I'm getting bombed on a monday now. Thanks a lot.
Jables: What a riff
Dave Ambrad: I don't know what to do
Jables: Work day is shot now
Dave Ambrad: My heads spinning now
Jables: Fuckin Johny Deacon
Jables: Gonna eat my dinner on a silver trey tonight
Jables: Tom roll
Adj Orso: Fk fk fk fk
Dave Ambrad: yeah I can't work now
Jables: Not since def leppards on through the night record has the tom roll be so used
Jables: Fuckin taylor
Dave Ambrad: Wow, johny I'm so jackt I'm having trouble breathing
Adj Orso: Wait til king rat comes on.
Jables: Fuck
Jables: Takeinallyourtimeandmoneyhoney
Adj Orso: Then you'll have cardiac arrest.
Jables: Oh fuck
Jables: Yesterday
Jables: My life was in ruin
Jables: Not today
Jables: I know what I'm doing
Jables: Gotta feelin
Jables: I should be doing alright
Adj Orso: That don't suck.
Jables: Just broke my keyboard. Salty tears and blackberrys don't mix
Dave Ambrad: Yeah they are not the most amazing band in the world
Dave Ambrad: Fk
Jables: Fk. Solo
Jables: Dude. Great King Rat next
Jables: Fuck sakes
Dave Ambrad: Hahaha
Dave Ambrad: That fkn pumps me up
Adj Orso: He was born on th 23rd of may
Adj Orso: 21st.
Jables: Fuck
Adj Orso: Died syphilis forty four on his birthday
Jables: Brian May just put a jihad on all other guitar riffs
Adj Orso: Every second word he swore. Yes he was a son of a whore
Adj Orso: Always wanted by the law
Jables: Taylor. Playing beer bottles
Jables: Jackt
Dave Ambrad: Now what did I tell you, would you like to see
Adj Orso: Now listen all you people. Put out the good and keep the bad.
Jables: Brian may is doing a dueling guitar solo. Against himself
Jables: What the rfuck
Adj Orso: Don't believe all you read in the bible.
Jables: May vs May
Adj Orso: May will win.
Jables: Left channel or right
Jables: My money is on right

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