Top 11 Albums of All Time: Number 10

Alice Cooper: Billion Dollar Babies.

One of the best start to finish albums I ever herd. I am a stickler for sequencing, and hearing an album as a whole, as opposed to the sum of its individual songs. This one contains probably my favorite opening track of all time, Hello Hooray. Everytime it comes on I just wanna crack open a case of beer, and sing the chorus at the top of my lungs. "OOOOH I!!!! BEEN WAITING SO LONG.....TO SING MY SONG!".

Raped and Freezing is catchy as hell, and kinda fucked up in a way only Alice can pull off.

Elected: Another hit.

Billion Dollar Babies: This is a good track, but got kinda tainted cuz all I can think now when I hear it is Guitar Hero.

Unfinished Sweat: Top 3 on this album. Every single time I make an Alice Cooper mix I ALWAYS place this song right next to Killer's Halo of Flies. They always seemed like connected songs to me.

No More Mr Nice Guy: Song always reminds me of Dazed and Confused

Generation Landslide: Good little ditty, as they say.

Sick Things and Mary Ann: This is the only lull on this album. Ok songs, but I tend to skip half the time......probably cuz I cannot wait to hear I Love The Dead.

I Love The Dead: Incredible album closer, as well as love show closer as I witnessed at the Centre in the Square. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THE DEAD

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