I was feeling pretty sick and shitty Saturday, but I still wanted to hit up Encore in the morning and try to get that Nirvana Incesticide vinyl that was released for black friday.  No dice! Sold out!  Balls!  I did end up buying the new Silver Jews and King Tuff albums.

I helped Ned pick up a treadmill and bring it from the store to his upstairs spare room.  This took way longer than expected.  Those damn hydraulics really fucked with us.  After that I went home and hit the couch hard.  I tried to get the energy to go to Kevin's bday shindig but I couldn't do it.  So I made a pizza instead.

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  1. Quibble: Could use some shroomage.

  2. i dont eat meat, but if i ever decide too, im getting you to make me that