Bag packed and ready to rock.
Michelle relaxing after a long and terrifying drive.
Das Guinness Boot.
Scaling a piece of the Berlin Wall.

Red Patch Party

Rumour has it Seth Rogan was at this pub too.

GREAT jukebox.

Cheese plate.  Good grief. 
Stop off in Kingston for lunch.  Toucan!
Got the boot.
Photo taken one minute before the insane pile up.
Cars and trucks slid everywhere.  Watched an 18 wheeler fish tail in my rear view.  Weather cleared up minutes later.  1km ahead there was a 20 car pile up with 4 transport trucks.  Cargo spilled everywhere. Cars crushed.  Jaybos pants pooped.
Everyone had to turn around an hour later and go back to an exit.
Hotel lobby.
Michelle after check in.
Great shirt.
Berlin wall in the hotel. 
More kick ass buildings.

Croissant, omelet, bacon, cheese, lettuce, fuck. 
Red Patch Pardy.

Headed to the Metro.
Mogwai bag or beerce.

Olympic Stadium.

Went to my seats, but no one else was there.  Michelle eventually came and we decided to go to the 200s, where the party was.

NEWS story on the insane pile up

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  1. Koevermans shirt --> Shitty Deno!


  2. LOVE that town, tops in Canada.