Mank trying to take a nap due to only 2 hours of sleep the night before.

Miller road rockets



We hit this dive bar while we waited for the others to come.  Could not check in without Axl.

Some buttholes found it funny to play the worst music, just to annoy people.  We finally decided to hit the "PLAY NEXT FOR 3 CREDITS" button and they got bent and left.  Once our tunes came on, the other car came, and beers flowed.

Tried to get a Rossi shirt for Jess Rossi, but no dice.

Mike got a 60 buck parking ticket, but was lucky enough to not get towed away, just like the car in front of him did seconds before he got there.

That is one way to fix a hole.

Theme song.

Checked in!

Bose on.
Smokin window

Kingston Mines.  Two stages.  Blues tunes until 4am.

I really liked this 312 shit.

This band was all kinds of awesome

Kruppa was getting IN.

The Exit bar.  Manks favorite place. LOTS of awesome punk tunes this night.  Mike got hogtied.

Exit bar, upstairs.

Nick took this as the sun came up Friday morning

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