JBTV Christmas Special Big Box Clamshell

I went to Far Out Flicks yesterday where I bought some $1 movies solely for their cases.  I found 4 movies and paid 2 bucks for them, and two of those films were the big green clamshell versions of The Grinch.  I thought the green would look great for an alternate cover, so I whipped this up today.  This is a one off, and its probably just gonna stay with me.

Little Billy drawing replica.

My two personal copies.

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  1. great cover!

    no font mentions in the write-up though ... wtf.

    1. hahah. Trash Cinema font! One of my go to fonts. Love it.

      I was waiting for you to spot the misspelling on the back of "Chrsitmas" haha.

  2. Replies
    1. Hey dude! I was only able to make about 10 copies and sent them out as gifts to some pals. I'll let you know if I end up making some more!

    2. You should definitely think about selling these there is a huge VHS horror market.

  3. Hey! I'm interested in purchasing the JBtv Christmas Special, too! I'm a huge fan of horror videos and this would fit into my closet of goodies so nicely! Also - I just finished making a Halloween mixtape (filled with old Halloween songs and audio clips from VHS tapes) and I just self published a comic called "The Halloween Party" about a bunch of teenagers battling monsters. You can see the comic here: www.nathanbudde.com Anyhow, email me at nbudde[at]gmail.com if you're interested in doing a trade of sorts. Love your stuff! :)