Apollo Cinema Is The Greatest Theatre Ever

I once went downtown Kitchener with Ned and his pal back when I was about 5 or 6 years old.  I remember going to some record store, where his buddy bought a U2 cassette.  I also remember the bus terminal and thinking it was the biggest most confusing place I have ever seen.  It wasn't until I went to High School downtown that I realized just how tiny that terminal was.  This was going through my head as I walked into what was once my favourite movie theatre, the Hyland.  Was it REALLY that big?  Was the screen really that huge?  Was that theatre as great as I remember?  Would I be walking into a tiny room?  Turns out my memory served me well this time, for once.  This place, now redesigned as Apollo Cinema,  is just massive, and this new screen is by my estimation, the biggest in town. The smell of new carpet got me excited, but not as exciting as seeing a giant list of beerce for sale for 6 bucks. The seats are incredibly comfortable, and the best part was when I stretched out my long legs and was not able to touch the seats in front of me.  Beer, leg room, massive screen, no commercials, cult classics.....I think I will be seeing every movie here from now on.

We will be going twice this weekend for the Big Lebowski on Friday, and Jurassic Park on Saturday.
I cannot wait.

Check out their new website, and go there often.

10 dollar membership.  Save 3 bucks on movie tickets, save on food, plus more.

This news clip excites me to no end:

“I think that students and alcohol is a natural combination, but also we like cult movies, we like horror movies and I think playing that stuff will tailor to the students and hopefully get students out to those events,” Willick said.
“There’s probably more of a student audience for horror movies and some of the more unique things that there are.”
- See more at: http://www.thecord.ca/apollo-cinema/#sthash.A2QgSm8o.dpuf

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