Retroshock Poster

Treephones asked me to make a poster for his upcoming school event, and seeing as I had a lot of free time, I fired up the Photoshops.  I played around a bit, using some images that he sent to be as inspiration.  Below is the most current version. 

As of this writing, this is the latest version

I threw in a blue backgound just to see what it looked like, and it turned out pretty great.

Treephones now likes the idea of using both colours and posting them around the University side by side.

Treephones came over yesterday and we worked this one out.  I kind of prefer having the "Experimental" line in white, but this did not work for the final design as you could not read it.

This was the first design I came up with, and blow are all the different ideas for images to use.  None of which we went with.

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