Tales From The Crypt Comic Animation

I took a couple of hours to put this quick animation together of an animated Tales from the Crypt comic book.  I found a bunch of random high res images of some Tales comic pages and animated them flipping.  I then took a cover that I thought could be easily photoshopped, for the purposes of animating.  I threw in some sounds and some music, and hit render.  I could tweak this animation to death and really add a lot of cool ideas, but really I am already kind of bored of it, and have moved onto other ideas.  Here it is, pretty much unfinished, but whatevs.

Tales From The Crypt Comic Animation Test from Johny Bekavac on Vimeo.
Just a quick comic book page flip animation test. This is unfinished as I need to tweak it, and smooth out some parts, but I have to move onto other projects now.

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