Wilco and Pavement

I hit up the Encores to see if they have the new Faith No More on "Big CD" as Chris would call it.  They did not, but they did get a second copy of the new Pavement album, as well as the new Wilco on CD.  I have downloaded the free version of the new Wilco, and I gotta say I am loving it.  I have always kind of dug Wilco, but I cannot say I have ever loved an album.  They always have like 5 GREAT songs on an album, but I find I usually skip a bunch of songs.  This album though, I find that I really like every song.  Its a short fun guitar album.  It sounds like Wilco channeling Pavement and Sonic Youth.  You Satellite is a perfect example of that.  Great jam.

That Pavement is a great smelling cash grab from the Matadors.  I usually have a bug up my ass to reissuing stuff that has already been released (all of these songs are on the double CD version of Slanted), but its Pavement, and I will literally buy anything they put out.  Greenlander is one of my very fave Pave B-Sides.

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