We Had A Little Problem at the Serpentine Pad. Hesher Took Care of It. NSFN.

We caught Hesher looking under the stove for a good hour, so we assumed the mice are back in tahn.  Sure enough, the next morning we noticed a couple of things knocked over, a sure sign that Hesher has been sprinting around the house, and then we spotted the mouse.  Hesher spent the whole day hunting this little guy.  When we got home from work, Hesher was sleeping and mellow.  Meaning she either gave up, or she already made her kill.

I noticed she was in the corner of the kitchen staring at the one garbage bin.  I assumed she was back to hunting, but we would later find out that she was trying to tell us where the carcass was.

Eventually, I jokingly said to Laura "be careful there, there might be a dead mouse."  Sure enough!  There it was.

Look at my smugly proud little buddy!  Move over Walter Palmer.

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