Camp Fires and Snow

After work Friday I had a huge craving for a backyard fire pit and something made in one of our pie irons.  I decided it was pizza pocket time.  After that I basically just passed out on the couch watching the Anthony Jeselnik stand up again.  Saturday I went to see some pals in Toronto, and the plan was to meet Axl at Woodbine as his horse was racing.  It wasn't until I got in that parking lot that I checked my phone to see Axhole couldnt make it.  I had to piss real bad so I decided to go in and watch his horse come in dead last, by a long shot.  Glad I didnt make that bet.

Hung out with Kroopa, Orso and Axl all night.  Tunes and beerce.  Good times.

Sunday I came home to see snow everywhere.  We had our usual Sunday night bbq.  It was good.

Monday came too soon.

I have been cranking Ween all week, and this weekend I was really diggin The Pod.
Ween - Pollo Asado (Music Video) 1991 from Chris Buly on Vimeo.

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