Slayrider Christmas Mixed Tape Stream

Here is the streaming version of the Christmas mixed tape I made this year.  Crank it when you are sipping some boozy nog.


Grandpas Crazy Christmas Rant - Silent Night Deadly Night
Christmas Vacation Theme - Christmas Vacation Soundtrack
Christmas in Hollis - RUN D.M.C. (ft. Argyle and John Mcclane)
Santa Claus Rap - Beat Street Soundtrack
Let the Jingle Bell Rock - Sweet Tee (ft. Mr. Robinson)
Santa Claus, Goes Straight to the Ghetto - James Brown
Slayrider - Silent Night Deadly Night Soundtrack
Stocking Stuffer - Grand Buffet (ft. Al Bundy)
Christmas at the Zoo - The Flaming Lips
Little Drummer Boy - The Dandy Warhols
Do They Know Its Christmas - Fucked Up
Xmas Day - The Dean Ween Group
Silent Night - Ween
Christmas - Beat Happening
The Christmas Song - John Zorn & Mike Patton (ft. Valentine)


Merry Christmas [I Dont Want To Fight Tonight] - Ramones
Merry Muthafuckin’ Xmas - Eazy E
No Presents for Christmas - King Diamond
Come All Ye Faithful - Twisted Sister
Carol of the Bells - Mr. Mackey
The 12 Days of Christmas - Bob and Doug McKenzie
Assassination of X-mas Eve -  Archers of Loaf
Dead Dead Dead - Juan Schwartz
Soulful Christmas - James Brown
Santa Claus, Goes Straight to the Ghetto - Belle and Sebastian
Christmas Celebration - Weezer
Christmas is Here - John Zorn (ft. Ricky and Bart Simpson)
Main Title - Home Alone Soundtrack
The Warm Side of the Door - Silent Night Deadly Night Soundtrack

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