The Last American Virgin & Better Off Dead

I started a mini film marathon of 80s sex comedies.  I started with the Cannon Films classic The Last American Virgin, which I had never seen before.  It really was one of the better films of the genre that I have seen.  The ending is something that you just dont see in movies, and it was pretty shocking and awesome.

We then watched Better Off Dead, some John Cusak film from the mid 80s, yet another movie I have never seen or herd of.  This movie was really quite weird, and I think I liked it?  So many out there scenes which made it fun, but nothing was as good as this hamburger that songs Everybody Wants Some while wailing on Eddie Van Halens guitar.  You herd that right.

I have a double header lined up tonight with Three O Clock High (top 10 80s flicks for me), as well as Secret of My Success.

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