JKEA Headboard is Done

I woke up early Saturday and started to take apart one more skid in the backyard.  I called Papa B to come bring his saw and cut some wood for me.  I stained this headboard on Saturday, and then spent all day Sunday sealing it.  As of now this is still in the shed, and hopefully the strong chemical smell will air out today, so I can bring this bad boy into the house.

Screwing the boards together.  I lost power on my drill so a quarter of these were screwed in by hand until Pops came by with his drill
All screwed in, and trimmed
Sanded by hand.  I left the power sander at the folks place, and I was too lazy to go back and get it so I just sanded it by hand.
A day after staining.  Putting together the final pieces.
Ready for the clear coat.

First clear coat.
My hand after countless splinters while sanding.
After the second coat

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