Xmas & New Years 2016

This past holiday week was a pretty great one.  Really got to relax at home, and then capped off the week with a road trip to Philly for GBV, and Pittsburgh for New Years.  Great times, but I am now glad to be back at work.  Too bloated and exhausted from all that December decadence. 

New toys....shes bored of them already.
Presents for my pal

Matthrew came to visit me for some hangs, and pints and Smokehouse BBQ

I chucked out the tree, as well as the third love seat to make more room.  Way less claustrophobic in there, and I now have easy access to my tunes.

Garys patio

The City of Lovely Brothers

I was up front the entire show, but I managed to snap this one pic when I took a break near the end of the show.

Hesher was purring like a motor boat for an hour when I got home.  I was so tired that I passed out early on the couch, and woke up at 2am with this little furball sleeping on me.  She missed her furnace.

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