Fambly Day Weekend

A pretty laid back long weekend, which is always nice.  Not too much went on other than a bunch of CD organizing, Liams ninth birthday party (NINE?!?!), some hangs with Treephones, and a trip to the Apollo to see 20th Century Women.

I have a crazy amount of double cds.

Watched some Nirvanna the Band The Show, and other funny stuff

A to Z
Encore Chris surprised me with this awesome gift!  Thanks buddy!
Big the Foot
Fresh cat grass for my buddy
Snagged a bunch of CDs this weekend.  Couple Ramones, two Grandaddy CDs (hence the post title), and the latest Brian Jonestown Massacre

I went to see this movie at the Apollo Saturday night.  It was really great.  Best movie I have seen in a while, mostly due to one of the best soundtracks I have heard in years.

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