Apollo's 90's Fest

My beloved Apollo Cinema is having a 90's film fest celebration all week.  Jim and I stopped by Friday night to see the classic Boogie Nights.  Easily one of my favourite films ever.  Tonight I might swing by to check out Silence of the Lambs, as I have been meaning to revisit that one for some time.

So many great titles this week, but so many more I wish they had lined up.  Empire Records, Slacker, Swingers, etc.

I am stoked for Clerks though, as it is on my Top 5.

Monday June 26th: Silence of the Lambs, In The Mouth of Madness
Tuesday June 27th: Clueless, Fight Club
Wednesday June 28th: Clerks, Reservoir Dogs
Thursday June 29th: End of School Kegger - Dazed and Confused, Starship Troopers

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