JKEA Computer Desk

After building a coffee table, and headboard out of pallet wood, my next goal was to make a new computer desk.  Thankfully my neighbour was nice enough to give me these really great and long pieces of pallet wood that he had sitting in his shop for over a year.  They were dried out, and free of nails, which is amazing because its the dismantling of pallets that I hate the most with these projects.  I scored all the wood from him, and based on what I got I whipped up this quick sketch.  

I wanted to make this new desk to be the same size as my current one.  The plan is to reuse the glass top of my current desk, and attach it to the top of my new pallet desk.

Hesher approved

Settled on this pattern

The finished bottom frame of the desk, and unlike my drive in movie screen, this one is square.

Everything is nailed and ready to be sanded

Legs are not attached yet, but I wanted to see what it will look like.
All sanded, and in the house.

In my room, with the legs

She could give two shits.

I was terrified the glass from my previous desk would not match the wood top.  It did, thankfully.

I did a couple coats of polyurethane, and thats it. Done.

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  1. Sweet!
    I would wager a sharp pencil was involved!