FNM, Reading, Kings of Shit

So as I thumb through some of this years Reading Festival videos of Faith No More, I found a lot of people writing about how they were thankful that Kings of Leon were on at the same time as FNM, so the douche bags wouldn't get in their way. More and more wrote how Kings should take a lesson from FNM on how to engage an audience, and maybe they wouldnt have gotten boo's. "NO WAY!" I say out loud. Could these media darlings, one of the worst bands I ever herd, finally reached their 15th minute? According to the British, it would seem so. God I gotta move there.
"There are some of you out there who are sick of Kings of Leon. Well we're f---ing sick of Kings of Leon. We do this everyday," Caleb said at one stage.

"So for all those who don't give a f--- about us, I understand. But we've worked hard to be here. We're the god damn Kings of Leon, so f--- you."

After 'Use Somebody' -- the band's most stratospheric attempt at an arms-aloft anthem, and one perfect for a Reading finale -- the set closed with the classic display of rock and roll anger; Caleb trashing his guitar centre-stage and trooping off with his comrades with a middle finger pointed to the crowd. Reading, we fear, won't be seeing this family gathering for some time.

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  1. hahaha the sad part is while they have fallen out of favour with the (smaller) "cool crowd" they are king shits with the (bigger) mainstream crowd.

    they sold out ACC and someone said COPPS too. that's fucked.

  2. Yea but those are venues where Nickleback sells out several days in a row, and where the same band gets pelted by rocks over seas. Go brits.

  3. that's me point. they can sell out on their own name now. fans who attend reading etc. aren't for the most part "mainstream" music fans.