Pre Birthday Party - Pardy

Karl came over. We played probably 10 games of NHL on XBOX and lost 9 of them. It was getting redic. Even got to the point where we were the best team in the NHL, playing the worst european teams and still losing 9 to nothing.

This run of bad games gave us time to listen to every album from GBV BOX as well as BRIGHTEN THE CORNERS. So that didnt suck.

Walked to Karls place after this, maybe around 11 or midnight. Three guys were outside of his place and one dude hunched over. We looked at them then one dude asked if we could help him out. He came into the light and his entire face was blood. Literally from his hair line to his chin, like 6 giant streaks of blood. He said the bouncers at Trappers/Palace beat him up. He asked to use Karls bathroom to clean up and take a leak. I waited at the front door with his two buddies. I handed each of them a beer from my pocket. Then bloody/drunk dude comes out of the bathroom somewhat cleaner but with blood all over his white jacket. He realized he wont be allowed in any bar, so I pulled out my last beer and handed it to him.

They left, and Karl went to clean the drops of blood in his bathroom haha. I somehow woke up at 6am on his couch. His fuckin couch is WAY too comfortable. Didn't even realize I passed out. Went home, and just woke up now. Rested for tonights gong show.

Come one, come all to Johny Jazz in the G-Spot. Gonna be messy.

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  1. You'll never make it. You're passed out on my couch. BLOOD!!!!!!! You get it!

    wooooooooo. pumpt for best guy in the universe's bday!

  2. are you wearing a collar or am i seeing things?

  3. Ya thought I would bust out my polo shirt. Been a while haha.

  4. that inverted experiment really turned out! amazing!