Top 5 Pavement Tunes: Favement, if you will.

Karls constant texts today explaining which Pavement tune he is currently listening to inspired me to make a Top 5 list, mainly because I went on about how Perfect Depth is in my top 5.
1: GROUNDED [Wowee Zowee] - This song can be enjoyed both on your first beer of the night to get you right jackt, as well as your 30th beer while you are passing out on a couch. Same effect. Same emotions. Tears of pure joy.

2: STARLINGS OF THE SLIPSTREAM [Brighten The Corners] - The best song off of the best album. AAAA OOoooooooooooooooo. Darlings on the split screen aaaa aoooooooooooo.

3: STOP BREATHIN [Crooked Rain Crooked Rain] - The heaviest Pavement song I know. Once it kicks in near the end I usually bang on my gear shifter in my car kicking it into neutral causing a panic and almost running off the road. Happens every single time.

4: TEXAS NEVER WHISPERS [Watery, Domestic] - The worlds greatest EP ever made. This song starts it all off. Need I say more?

5: PERFECT DEPTH [Westing] - This tune still reminds me of cold winters on the city bus to Grade 12 High School. Made going to school bearable. Also reminds me of playing Sonic the Hedgehog for hours and hours. Weird.

5: PERFUME-V [Slanted and Enchanted] - One of the first Pavement songs I fell in love with. That feeling has never left. Tied for 5th place with Perfect Depth.

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  1. 1. Grounded (live version)
    2. From Now On
    3. Texas Never Whispers
    4. Perfect Depth
    5. Same Way of Saying

    Honourable Mention: I love Perth haha

  2. oh baby!! hahah.

    I love that you!?

  3. I was totally expecting you to have HANDS OFF THE BAYOU, or at the very least SO STARK (YOU'RE A SKYSCRAPER)

  4. Fk. I wanna contribute but it might be too hard.

  5. It's 2010. things change.

    you also half expected zurich is stained and cream of gold

  6. FCKYA!! Let me contemplate...while Texas Never Whispers may make my top's the 3rd best track on that EP :)

  7. WOW!!!

    Be quiet the weather's on the night news.

    God damn, you are right. Motherfuck.

  8. OK...if forced to limit to 5:

    Shoot the Singer
    Zurich is Stained
    In the Mouth a Desert
    Heaven is a Truck
    Spit on a Stranger
    Transport is Arranged
    Father to a Sister of Thought
    Starlings of the Slipstream
    Blue Hawaiian
    Summer Babe

    OK...I know it's all popular and shit, relatively speaking, but kinda tuff to leave out Summer Babe. me a ponce :)

  9. Blue Hawaiian is without a doubt in my Top 10.

  10. Holy shit Gary, didn't realize you were such an A-sider.
    This Greatest Hits thing will be right down your alley then.
    I kid . . .

    And, hey, all that "Here" talk and it doesn't make your top 12?

    "That's kind of a sad song a little bit, e" ... said in Bob D-0-19-S-5 voice