This was on the wall in the balcony.

So yesterday as a last minute thing, Laura and I went to Toronto to see if there were any bridesmaids dresses she could find. We decided to pop into Jeremy's for some drinks and hangs, and one thing led to another and we ended up at the Night of the Living Dead Live show at 11pm. This was the second night of this play, and man oh man, am I ever happy we went. Some of the most fun I ever had. The entire show was done on stage in black and white. The first act was more or less a recreation of the movie itself, and the second act was a collection of different scenarios, like, what if the woman were in charge and not Ben, etc. We were in the balcony, and there was a bar behind us too which was pretty great hah. I would LOVE to see this again, and if you have the chance, by all means go! Its so amazing and hilarious.

A couple shots of the stage pre show.  Obviously I could not take photos during the show so this is all I got.
This is a colour photo
I managed to buy the last screen printed poster. FKYA!
A mug Laura bought me.

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