Ah, Record Store Day.  One of my favourite days.  Get up early, meet Tony and the kids for breakie.  Get in line with the Orsos.  Go into a packed Encore Records, and totally geek out.  There wasn't a whole lot that I wanted from this years list, but the double LP of At The Drive-In's Relationship of Command (my top 10 of all time), and the Malkmus and friends made it worth it.  I really had my eyes out for the Death Waltz singles and 12" but Encore didn't have them.  Thankfully Popovich hooked me up from some store in Montreal and is sending them my way today!  All and all a fun time.  That being said, I hope and wish for a day when Encore is always that packed on any random day throughout the year.  Best store in the world.

In line at Encore.  In the snow.

My Bronx record bag.

ATD-I and Malkmus

Malkmus spinning on my rune.

Proof that I own the Death Waltz singles.  Stoked.

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