Halloween 35th Anniversary Version

I say this every damn time, but this really is the last time I buy this damn movie.  It seems like every year they re release this movie, and I am such a sucker/sheep that I keep buying it.  Maybe its time I sell off some of my old Anchor Bay ones.

UPDATE:  After going through this Blu Ray last night, I strongly recommend not getting it.  Other than the new commentary, which is pretty good, this is a pretty useless disc.  The Night She Came Home doc is ok, but nothing special.  The other short doc on there looks like it was ripped off of youtube, interlaced lines and all, and thrown on here at the last minute.  After that you are left with the same trailers and shit that have been on the previous 59 Halloween DVDs.  The movie looks good, but to be honest, and I know Dean Cundy supervised the transfer, I prefer the previous DVD.

What do I know though?

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