Motivational Singles

I came home a half hour early as I am still sick and feel like shit.  I sat down for a poop when I noticed a direct message on my Instagram from Chris at Encore.  The photo was a pile of GBV singles that just came in.  I bolted up and drove right over.  Al had the singles by the register waiting for me.  I fucking love Encore Records.


Great cover.  Good layout.  Killer font.  GBV these days tend to use three different fonts, this being the typewriter font.  I dig.

This one is ok.  Killer classic GBV font down below, and while I love the picture, this may have looked better as  back cover art.

I keep thinking this is a Boston Spaceships single.  I wonder if it was made at the same time as the Our Cubehouse Still Rocks album art.  This Side A is my instant favourite.  I cranked it so loud last night and it sounded so good. Raw and bass heavy.

LOVE this cover.  Love the colours.  Love the idea of going to a warm place right now.  THAT is a GBV font right there.

I find some of my favourite Bob art are the ones where he uses pink and blues.  Like Tonights the Rodeo and Suitcase 3.  This font reminds me of Propeller.  Thats a good thing.

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  1. Phew, thought I was gonna read the whole thing and not see any font discussion !

    1. Love all the fonts here, but then for the album they use my least favourite font. Classic GBV curveball.