April Ghouls 2015

The lineup for next springs April Ghouls Drive-In Monstarama is slowly being announced.  So far 4 films have been announced, which are Evil Dead, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Zombie and the classic Dawn of the Dead.  Gary has already set this weekend in his iCal so its official.

I have been killing time during work renders photoshopping my own poster for this event.  I am not finished so I am not sure why I would post it now, but I will work on it more, and add more films as they are announced.

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  1. Wow! I heard about Dawn Of The Dead & heard they might be trying to get Creepshow as well, but I had no idea about the others! And here I thought they couldn't beat last year's lineup. Poster looks great too, man!

    1. Nice! You were at last years too? That was my first time. I drove from Canada to my buddies in Pittsburgh and had a blast that weekend. Great lineup.

      Next years is shaping up to have an amazing lineup. I read some of them won't be on 35, but what can you do?

    2. Yeah, I've been to almost all of them since 2010. My friends and I come up from D.C. The couple that runs the place is the best, it feels like a second home. And yeah, it sucks that they won't all be 35mm, but we're lucky they were able to get a digital projector or last year probably would have been the last one. The two best weekends of the year for sure!