Winterish Weekend

Keeping my cold kitty warm out back.

Pretty laid back and cheap weekend, but good times were had. 

Hesher totally confused by that white stuff from the sky.

Laura dropped the puck at the Stratford hockey game for Violence Against Women month.

I met up with Tony, Sarah and the Boys for the Santa Claus parade.  Lauras leg injury stopped her from doing a lot of stuff this weekend so it was just me.

Jesus said "Hello"

Tony, and I and the kids hit up Towne Bowl for some 5 pin! FKYA.

Love this Gwai album.

Laura and I hit the St Jacobs market.  Had Butter Chicken meatballs.  Beyond delicious.  By the end of this trip Laura could hardly walk.

The thing I love most about wintery nights is the fresh air.  This time more than any other I get stoked to go for night walks.  Again Laura could not move too well, so Saturday night I took a walk to the Bonner house for some drinks.  Cranked my Sebadohs.
Hesher made it a solid three steps onto the patio before retreating.

Sunday morning I wanted to put up christmas lights.  I decided to have a fire going to keep  me warm when needed.  I had no beerce which totally sucked.


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