First Day of Spring

This past Sunday finally felt like the first real day of spring.  People were out, cars came out of storage, motorbikes were going 60 over the speed limit, and BBQs were fired up.  I hit the folks for lunch, then went to Tonys to help him pick up and set up his new kick ass patio set.  Beerce and chunes followed, and then a trip to the Ethyls patio for a beer with Bones and Tara.  Once I got home I set up the backyard, got the lights up, and let I Hesher out for a bit who looked at that backyard like it was her first shot of heroin in 7 months.

I really cannot wait for the new Built to Spill

Made a fritatta

TBek Patio

Hesher was so fucking stoked to come out.  I ended up having to jump the back fence into the parking lot of that factory to get Hesher.  Little butthole.

Buttermilk Ranch Chicken and rice.

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