Untethered Moon, Built to Spill Album Art, and the Disappointment of the new Mouse

The new Built to Spill album cannot be released soon enough.  The two tunes that have been released, and which I have already purchased from the iTunes, are pretty kick ass.  The artwork, thankfully, is the best cover art in years from these guys.  They had some of the best cover art ever (Perfect From Now On and Keep It Like a Secret), to truly some of the most horrible cover art I have ever seen (You In Reverse and There is no Enemy).

These are great. 

These are NOT great.

This is good.  Kitties!

I hope this Spill album will be able to get me out of the funk of disappointment that is the new Modest Mouse album.   While the new MM has a handful of good songs, maybe 4.  I was happy that Johnny Marr is no longer in the band (stop ruining my bands Marr! ie Cribs), it turned out Eric Judy leaving was a bigger deal than I expected.  Another issue I have with the Mice, is that they seem to be in that mid And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead phase of their career.  I miss the three piece.  No one needs 9 band members, and two drummers.

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