Laboween III in Pixburgh

Laura and I got up super early on Friday and made our way dahn to Pixburgh to visit Gary and Co.  It was for this years Like A Bastard Drive In extravaganza, Laboween III!  30 people or so showed up and we ate a shit load of food, and had drinks, and watched some classic films.  There was prizes and quizes and raffles.  Great times.  So sad its Sunday, and that we are back in Canada.

Friday night we set up the screen, so we figured fuck it, and watched some flicks outside.  Gary put on Samurai Cop which I have never seen, and it may have surpassed Miami Connection as one of the best bad movies ever.

A poster I designed, that Tirpak had printed and framed.  Tirpak, Gary and I each got one, and the other went to the winner of the quiz, Nick!

The prize table

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  1. If there isn't a Gary Credits Video out of this, then why even go?

    1. Oh, we had a live mic during the event so Gary could make announcements whenever he wanted, including making the most mundane announcements during key sex scenes. People kept snapping, so funny.

  2. No credits vid? It's like this weekend never happened. Pure fuckery.