Apolloween Trailer

The fine folks at the Apollo Cinema emailed me asking if I could whip up a trailer for their 9 days of halloween horror lineup.  Being the horror nut that I am, I gladly agreed.  I spent the morning of my holiday Monday finishing this up.  I hope to see it on the big screen soon.

Apollo Cinema Presents: 9 Days of Horror from Johny Bekavac on Vimeo.

I thought it would be fun cutting in shots from Buffy's prom, into DePalmas split screen prom from Carrie. 
I love my Serif Gothic Black font.

I always wanted to use this shot from They Live, and I finally got the chance for this trailer.

Here is the offical line up.

Friday Oct. 23 
7pm-Texas Chainsaw Massacre 
9:15pm-Drunk Feminist Films: Twilight 

 Saturday Oct. 24 
4pm-Texas Chainsaw Massacre 
7pm-A Nightmare on Elm Street 
9:15pm-A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors Sunday 

Oct. 25 
2pm-Creature From the Black Lagoon 3-D 
4pm-The Mask (Eyes of Hell) 3-D 
7pm-They Live 
9pm-Phantom of the Paradise Monday 

Oct. 26 7pm-Buffy the Vampire Slayer 
9pm-An American Werewolf in London Tuesday 

Oct. 27 
9pm-Fright Night Wednesday 

Oct. 28 7pm-Nerd Nite KW - Halloween Edition 
9pm-Beetlejuice Thursday

 Oct. 29 
7pm-The Exorcist 
9:30pm-The Thing Friday 

Oct. 30
7pm-Evil Dead 2 
9pm-Army of Darkness 

 Saturday Oct. 31 
2pm-Army of Darkness 
4pm-They Live 
7pm-The Shining 

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