The Serpentine Pad Drive In - Friday the 13th Part II

Last night I tried to fire up the grill to cook up some chicken, and came back to a grill that was on fire, and the bottom of the grill had bottomed out.  I shut off the propane in fear it would explode, and out of frustration I found as much wood as I could find and fire up the firepit to cook our meal.  Realizing how warm it was outside got me stoked (no pun intended) for backyard hangs and movies.

There is one Friday the 13th this year and its in May, so we will be having our second Friday the 13th night out back.  This time it will be two of my faves, Part 4: The Final Chapter, and Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan.

Come on by!

Che chee  chee haa haaa haaa

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