Holy Mountain Weekend

Laura hit up Windsor this past weekend, but I decided to stay home because I had to drop 600 bucks on new car breaks.  Also, I am burnt out for all of these weekend cottage trips (first world problem, I know).  With the broken AC, I decided to hit up Holy Mountain at Apollo.  I always tried to watch this movie but its pretty hard to sit through when in a living room with an iPad on my chest.  Seeing it at Apollo forced me to watch it, and I am glad I did.  Its pretty great.  El Topo is this Thursday.

I hit up some video stores and picked up a couple 1 buck gems, and I scored the reissue of Live Through This at Encore.  The AC was fixed on Saturday (apparently we just had to turn the furnace on with the breaker.....facepalm), so it was finally cool in the house.  I passed out by 9:30, and was FINALLY able to sleep in my bed.

Poor Hesher was ROASTING in the heat.  Our house hit 32 on the main floor and it was unbearable.  I picked up this cooling gel pad for my little buddy.

Been looking for these for a while!  1 buck for the two of them.

We had a steak night, but it just so happened that the neighbours had a jerk chicken night.  They were nice enough to give us a pice each, and holy crap was it ever good.

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