Port Hope and Cockburn

Laura and I went to visit Vanessa in Whitby this past weekend, and hit up some small towns.  We went to Port Hope which was great, but I was super bummed to have missed the filming of the new version of IT by just two weeks.  The entire downtown was transformed to look like a 1989 Maine.  Check out this website for cool pics of what it looked like.

We then went to Coburgh to hit up a street festival, the beach, and this amazing pub that used to be 100+ year old jailhouse.  It was super creepy. 

Then we hit the Drive In in Port Hope.  Jason Bourne was great, but Ice Age might be the worst fucking movie I ever had to sit through.  Thankfully all that pizza gave me the poop attack, so the majority of that film I was on the crapper.  I think I had a better time in there.

Hesher waking up.  Little fucker.
Picked up this reissue of a classic Modest Mouse ep from Encore.  God I miss three piece Mice.

Port Hope pizza.  So good.

The old jailhouse


This is the jail museum in the basement.  It was terrifying.

These are the jail walls, painted to look like a store front.  I guess its their attempt to make it less scary back there.

Vanessas cat!  

Hit the flea market in Mississauga on the way back

I was so tempted to buy this, which is a stereo that Tony used to have back in the day.

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  1. Can't believe Lepage sold off his action figures...SMH

  2. Haha. If The Barber was in there I would have bought it. I loved that fkn thing.