As most people know, when the Leafs are in the playoffs, all of a sudden everyone is a fan of hockey.  People I never knew watched hockey are all of a sudden obsessed, as if the Maple Leafs represent all of Canada.  Everywhere I turn all I hear is GO LEAFS GO!!  Those who know me know I don't follow sports, however when the Boston/Toronto series came down to game 7, I admit I was interested, if  for no other reason than to see that Toronto gets kicked out, so I wont have to hear about hockey for another couple of months.  For those who don't know, when the Leafs are out of the playoffs, hockey as a whole no longer exists in Canada.

Bones invited me out to the Whale with his folks to watch this game.  I have as much desire to go to a pub on a Hockey night as I do New Years or St. Patty's.  But I went, why not.  Thankfully it wasn't that packed, and while people were all over the Leafs game, some actually wanted the Rangers game put on. 

It was around the 3rd period, with a 4-1 lead by the Leafs that I bring up my damn curse.  That curse where whenever I have to watch a sports game, something annoying happens.  The game, more often than not, goes into overtime, thereby extending the amount of sports I have to sit through.  We joked about it, but Bones said there is no way its going to happen this time.  The lead was too big.  I kept saying "It'll happen should place a bet"

Even I knew it probably wasnt going to happen, so I paid up my bill and went home with like half of the third period left.  I get a text from Bones, who was still at the Whale. "Ummmmm.....overtime."

I started cracking up.  I kept checking my twitter after that to watch as the boisterous Leafs fans were all of a sudden "stunned" as Gary and Tony would say. 

In the end, Boston won.  Devin said his parents were genuanly upset that I showed up with my sports curse. 

For the first time I had a blast watching a game, well, like 20 minutes of a game.

Moral of the story?  If I am around and sports are on.  Place your bets on the upset in overtime.


The Whale and Ale

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