This long weekend Laura and I went to Mark and Kristens wedding in Dearborn Michigan. By far one of the better weddings I have been to. It was held at the Henry Ford Museum which was fucking incredible. A Beatles cover band played, and more than a couple Ween tunes were cranked. I never thought we would dance to Bananas and Blow at a wedding.

View from our hotel window from Windsor.  I love Detroit.
Margarita specials.

Hotel lobby

Aint no Canada Dry.  Thats for damn sure.

Wedding at this tiny chapel.

Laura doing her best Beyonce.

Weddings can be fun.

The lady with the sliders walked past Laura.

Joel, Laura, and Mark

Thomas Edison.

The actual car that JFK was shot in.

The Back Beats.

MASSIVE McDonalds sign from 1960

Literally the first Mustang off the line.  The serial number is 1.

The Declaration of Independence.

This is the chair Lincoln was sitting in when he got shot.

Blood stains and all.


The Rosa Parks bus.

Laura felt it was too heavy to actually sit in her seat so she sat behind it.

A fully working diner inside of the museum.

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