Frame by Frame Animation Tests

I have really gotten used to this pen and tablet so I am now trying to take advantage of that by being able to draw things faster and better in Photoshop.

I just took two shots from the films Suspiria and Escape from New York and exported them as a PNG sequence.  I then took each of those frames and started to trace and paint over top of each of those frames.

These are some tests, and they are SUPER time consuming so I don't know if I will finish them, although the Snake Plissken one looks pretty cool so far so maybe I will keep at it.  Its just that it took almost 6 hours to do 18 frames.

Suspiria Dance Test from THE LAST JOHNY ON THE LEFT on Vimeo.

Snake Plissken Animation Test from THE LAST JOHNY ON THE LEFT on Vimeo.

Here are a couple of images of the painting process.

Screenshot from Escape from New York
Split screen comparison
Final painted frame

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