New JBTV Xmas VHS Box Art

I took the previous VHS art I made for this years JBTV Special, and did something new with it.  I found several clear sheets of paper I bought for screen printing, and I decided to print out the art I made onto that, and beneath it I would put actual Christmas wrapping paper.  The idea being that each tape (all 3 of them!!) would have its own unique cover art.  Below are some photos of my first mock up.  I am thinking of taking white out to the other side of the clear sheet to make the text more readable.  I just cant find my white out.

UPDATE:  I updated the artwork, which I think looks nicer.  I removed the previous images that were here and have added the latest.  Once I colour in some white spots with white out I will add those images as well, but for now this is what it looks like.


I thought of another cool idea, where I would recreate Billy's drawing from Silent Night Deadly Night for the insert of this VHS.  You will be able to see this image when you open up the VHS box.

Here is a screenshot from the film

I found a crayon Photoshop brush and redrew it.  I put my name instead of Billy...natch.

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