Not Long Enough Weekend

This Victoria Day weekend has been rather low key.  Laura is in Michigan, and I stayed local.  Both Jeremy and Axl kept asking me to come to Toronto last night, but I just dont have the funds at the moment to pay for such a night.  So pretty much all weekend has been spent at home with Hesher.  Tunes, and foods, and coffees and beerce.  I did manage to catch a matinee showing of the new Mad Max film with Jim, Jess, Steve, and Paisley.  It was as awesome as everyone says.

My weekend, in a nutshell.

Hesher, whenever I leave the house.

Cranked a lot of BDB this weekend.

Saturday night, after bailing on Toronto parties, I decided to keep busy by making some chicken Fajitas.  Taking full advantage of our BBQ side burner.  Not only does it make the cast iron a billion times hotter than our stove, but it eliminates the smoke detector factor.

Sunday morning with my best pal.

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