Sol Invictus & Haunted Air

 It is a very special day.  The brand new Faith No More album has been released today, and I could think of no better place to buy it than my trusty Encore Records.  I walked in the door, and Chris handed me a copy knowing I would buy it.  "Two please" I said as I picked one up for Ned.  Cracking open the plastic I was so happy to see some amazing artwork.  I was torn on the album cover, and a little confused, but in context its pretty great.  All old black and white images of halloweens past, with a beautiful gold font.  I love it.

The credits list the images coming from a book called Haunted Air.  I went to the website and found a great book that collected old halloween pictures.  To make it more interesting, there is a forward by David Lynch.  I will have to pick up a copy of this book for sure as I always loved these types of pictures.

Go buy the new FNM.  BUY IT!!!!!

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