The Serpentine Pad Drive-In & Faith No More Weekend

This weekend was a fun one. The weather was amazing, the trees are filling out, and the nights are getting warmer.  Friday night we had some people over and we ate some coney dogs, and then set up a movie outside.  Lots of beerce and firepits.

I do not have a lot of photos of Saturday, but it was a huge day.  I went to Neds where we had some patio pops, and then made our way to Toronto to see the mighty Faith No More!  Awesome fucking show.  Love that band even more now.  Good times.  So much so that my throat is still fucked this morning, which made ordering my Hortons coffee really awkward.

Recovery Mondays are the worst kind of Mondays.

Lauras way of inviting the neighbour to our backyard movie.

Road rockets to FNM

Concert shirt

I got this one for Laura

Hesher wishing she was outside.

Laura found the Lindt store.  This place is out of control.  Dangerous. 

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  1. The trees are filling out! Ha ha!

    No frozen wingies pics?

    1. I would like to forget about those wings. Much like that infamous Wingiegate incident at the Whale, I think I am off of wings for a good month or so.