Learning to Pardy

Things are turning up in the world of rock shows. We hit a slight scare when we found out Thrush Hermit was sold out for the Saturday Lees Palace show, but thankfully Tony B came to the rescue and scored us some tickets (THANKS!!!!!). Friday night it is, and its going to be a fucking gong show. We will be rocking out all day and night and singing every word to every thrush song. There are rumours floating around of possible Underground or Teds post Thrush parties. So far its going to be Orsos, Bekavacs, Kurt and Trish's, Sarah and Karls, etc etc etc. Going to be an incredible party.

Pavement tickets go on sale this friday for the Toronto Island show. Gonna score some tickets (fingers crossed) this Friday for Ned and Michelle. I just drunkingly promised Kurt I would get him and Trish tickets as well. This here is more of a note to myself as a reminder than anything else. JOHNY! BUY KURT TICKETS FRIDAY!!!!!! FOR PAVEMENT!!! THE BEST BAND EVER!! YOU NEED TO KNOW!!! WHERE DOES IT GROW!! HOW DO
YOU GET THERE!!! AND WHERE YOU ARE FROM!!!! It doesnt hurt that the Pittshurgh crew are coming up this weekend. Tears of pure joy. How I will fit in drinking between hugs and fuckyas, ill never know.

All in all, I am pretty god damn jackt for this winter to finish, and the parties to continue. Some of my ALL TIME FAVE bands are reuniting this year, and its somewhat surreal......but I am jackt. I mean, I never thought I would be seeing Thrush Hermit, Pavement, and Faith No More all in the same year. Life is good.

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