31 Days of Halloween

It should come as no shock that October is my favourite month of the year.  The lovely hoodie weather, the lack of humidity, the falling leaves, and of course, Halloween!  The stores are already packed with Halloween gear (a little too early actually, even for me) and I am already compiling a list of flicks I will watch this month.  Below is a list that is in the works.  These are the movies that I have watched over the years every Halloween.  They may not always be my all time favourite films, and of course there are better ones than these, but these are the ones that bring back all those fun halloween memories for me.

Also, I took this amazing poster from Hartter at Devient Art and used it for this blog post.

On with the list!

Halloween II
Halloween III
Halloween 4
Halloween 5
Halloween - The Curse of Micheal Myers
Night of the Demons
Earnest Scared Stupid
Night of the Living Dead
Trick R Treat
Trick or Treat
House of 1000 Corpses
Nightmare on Elm St.
Texas Chainsaw Massacre II
Stephen Kings IT
The Exorcist
American Werewolf in London
Monster Squad
The Shining
The Sentinel
House of the Devil
Friday the 13th Part 6
Friday the 13th Part 8
Idle Hands
Ginger Snaps
WNUF Halloween Special

Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter
Rocky Horror Picture Show

As for my all time favourite Halloween night films, that probably goes to Halloween, Halloween III, and Halloween 6.  Party 6 is the one that really got me into the Halloween series back in 1995.  That one has been viewed literally every Halloween, or Devils Night.

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