One Way Static Records Presents - Candyman

One Way Static is putting out the soundtrack to the classic film Candyman.  They asked me to whip up a video for them.  I used the album art design as the final title card in this video.  Below is the video, as well as some screenshots of the process.

One Way Static - Candyman from THE LAST JOHNY ON THE LEFT on Vimeo.

Here is the album cover for Candyman

I traced out the honeycomb effect in Photoshop

This was the final layout that was made in Photoshop.  The black honeycomb shapes would act as an alpha channel for the movie footage beneath it.

I did some tests with a still from the movie.  I had not yet gotten my hands on a 1080p version of the film.

Playing around with colour and film grain.

The final title card that you see in the video.  Animated out to reveal with the music, and using the same footage of the bees that was used as a still on the album cover

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