Tour de Troit - Post Race Pictures

We did it!  30 miles of peddling through the streets of Detroit.  It was a total blast, and not as painful as I was expecting.  Here are some of the pics I took using my phone once the race was done.  I have a bunch of photos that I will post of the actual race later on, because that is on a different camera.

Lots of great food and beerce

Spot the GBV shirt?  I did.

You got 2 beer tickets, but people kept coming by and giving us their unused beer tickets.  It was great times.

Love this building.  I hope they fix it.

Gin and whiskey bar.

PJs Bar!  The bar with a record shop in the basement.

This beer was so fucking good.

The Original Coney Dog

Another Vanilla porter.  Its that good. 


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