Friday the 13th 4D

I really need to force myself to use Cinema 4D more often, if for nothing else, text effects.  I feel that I am lagging behind other motion graphics people due to my complete lack of C4D knowledge.

I whipped up this animation real quick by starting easy and using a simple extruded text effect to recreate the opening title card of Friday the 13th.  I added my own little twist to it, but you get the idea.

Friday the 13th 4D from THE LAST JOHNY ON THE LEFT on Vimeo.

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  1. Yes1 My fave title sequence (alongside THE THING and maybe one or two others) got the Last Johny treatment! This totally captures the vibe, the seminal vibe that for me is my go to when I need a hit. Great work brodude.

    1. Hey thanks, man!! I loved recreating this one. Classic title sequence for sure.